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What is Digital Marketing?

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Marketing of a brand, product, and service today; divided into two main categories as traditional marketing and digital marketing statistic by AvesAPI.

Traditional marketing is using direct or indirect methods of reaching targeted customers. These methods are pretty straightforward and simple. You just need to deposit money, take a series of actions and get results. However, almost everything has changed in recent years and traditional marketing has also been affected by this change. Traditional marketing methods that were previously efficient are no longer so efficient in the current market, which is complex but full of huge opportunities brought by the internet.

With traditional marketing beginning to lose its effectiveness, brands now need to establish and maintain a very strong online presence in order to reach their target audience and be competitive enough. That’s why digital marketing has become more important than traditional marketing. Of course, this does not mean that traditional marketing has completely lost its value. However, it is an obvious fact that in the near future, traditional marketing will almost completely be replaced by digital marketing.

What are Digital Marketing Channels?

Are there any digital marketing methods that are more valuable than traditional marketing methods? The answer to this question is largely related to the work of your brand and its target audience. As in traditional marketing, there are certain channels in digital marketing and the more professional you can use them, the more success you can achieve. Success in marketing allows you to reach your goals by constantly gaining more profit.

As MotionB Digital Marketing Agency, we have brought together today’s highest return on investment channels for you to market your brand, products or services!

Image text: What is Digital Marketing"

1. Email Marketing (E-Mail Marketing)

Almost all brands around the world collect e-mail addresses of customers as well as other contact information. Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels providing up to thousands of percent return on investment (ROI).

How is email marketing done?

E-mail marketing is done by sending e-mails about brands, products, and services to potential customers who have an e-mail address, especially existing customers.

2. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC Advertising)

ppcIt is to publish ads for pay per click, mainly on search engine results pages and on special areas sold by website publishers. PPC, which is an abbreviation of Pay Per Click words, is called “Pay Per Click” in our language. This digital marketing channel, which can reach the target audience in a very short time, is also one of the most used channels.

How to make a pay-per-click ad?

The most used pay-per-click advertising tool in the world is Google Adwords and it is an option offered by almost all platforms. In addition, the advertising space of a website can be rented without the need for any tools.

You can visit our Search Engine Ads page for our pay-per-click services.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO), which is considered to be the digital marketing channel with the highest return on investment, is an acronym for the English word Search Engine Optimization. When related keywords are searched on the results pages of search engines, it is carried out with the aim of gaining organic visitor traffic by ranking first.

How is search engine optimization (SEO) done?

When a search engine is searched for a keyword, it lists the most suitable web page for its algorithm at the top. Thus, most of the searchers visit the web page that is in the first place, that is, the most suitable for the algorithm of the search engine. Web pages for which search engines charge no fees per click or similar attract potential customers for free. That’s why SEO is done by optimizing the web page to the search engine algorithm.

You can get information from our Search Engine Optimization service page to attract organic visitor traffic by ranking in the first places in search engines.

4. Display Advertising

Many people visit blogs, forums, and other websites that are interesting or useful. Digital marketing professionals can reach potential customers by placing display ads on third-party websites.

How is a display ad done?

Various display advertisements can be published on all pages of the websites considered to be visited by the potential customers of the brand or only on the relevant pages. Examples of display ads include banners, interactive ads, video ads, interstitials, overlays, and any other form of display advertising linked to a landing page.

5. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

social media marketingSocial media is a great channel where digital marketing professionals can reach potential customers for brands, products, and services and increase the loyalty of existing customers. With social media marketing (SMM), a wide range of potential customers can be reached with direct and person-to-person targeting methods.

How is social media marketing (SMM) done?

The number of users of social media channels is increasing day by day, just like search engines. Many brands indicate that their social media customers are constantly increasing and invest more in digital marketing. However, social media platforms must be used correctly in order to reach the target audience in the most effective and efficient way. That’s why I have prepared a little guide below:

Facebook – Facebook is a must-have social media site where you can reach almost any potential customer.

Twitter – Twitter is ideal for those trying to develop a new business, which, when used correctly, can quickly create brand awareness.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a highly efficient network for reaching potential customers from business owners to professionals.

Google+ – It seems important for business owners to participate in this network, which is thought to be beneficial for SEO, and to share content from the website on this network.

Pinterest – Being seen as a visual paradise for promoting your brand and business is very important to be present on this network. Especially for an e-commerce site, Pinterest is a very effective network.

6. Content Marketing

Content is valuable enough to be defined as the heart of all digital marketing campaigns. No matter how much marketing changes around the world, the content will never lose its value because it is not possible to be marketing without content. For example, let’s say you have an e-commerce site for your brand. You can deposit as much money as you want on the ad, but if you cannot impress them with your content when they click on the ad, they will not shop and your money will be wasted.

How is content marketing done?

Content marketing, which should be done in all areas of marketing campaigns, can be done by ensuring that the content is good, high quality, and very relevant if it is necessary to focus on the landing page basis. If you are selling a product, you can publish a video promotion of the product as well as a great description text. At the same time, quality images of the product taken from different angles are also important. In short, content marketing is a job that can be done to affect the target audience, depending on the characteristics of the brand, product, and service.

7. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketingIf you want to reach large audiences effortlessly, it is not your only option to agree with thousands of publishers one by one and rent advertising space from the website. In the affiliate system, all you have to do is give a commission per sale. Thus, your sales partner ensures that your ads are published in the advertising spaces of many publishers. In addition, when compared to methods such as pay-per-click, affiliate marketing is a direct result-oriented option.

How is affiliate marketing done?

If you want to market with the affiliate method, you should set a commission rate. Then you can sign up with someone and wait for them to post your ads on their network. Affiliate marketing is a great option for digital marketing where you only have to pay when you convert. It may not be just a product or service that you are marketing. For example, a brand that wants to bring in new members to the website can pay 2 TL per person who becomes a member with a reference code. Thus, even if there is no income, you can use the affiliate system to gain members to your site.

8.Online Public Relations (Online PR)

It is the online version of the traditional PR (public relations) method. Public relations are preferred to create brand awareness rather than directly selling a product or service. For example, it is not very common for the BMW brand to advertise a car model to sell a car model, but in general, the BMW brand is a brand that we constantly encounter. This may be an example of public relations. It is important for other people to praise and recommend a brand.

How is online PR done?

There are various methods for conducting digital public relations in online media. You can publish press releases on websites visited by your target audience or promote your brand by sponsoring and donating various initiatives. In fact, online PR is an endless channel where you can get efficiency with your creativity.

9. Growth Hacking

In today’s digital marketing studies where the definition of the consumer and the nature of the transformation change, the frequency of the expected interest from the audience as well as the value of the audience has become the main variables in the interest to be created regarding the brand and product. The process that starts after the first contact of visual and audio advertisements with the target audience in brand awareness studies in different media becomes the foundations of a bond that is expected to be formed in the medium and long term with the acquisition of the product and service and then comment/suggestion/repetition.

In this sense, growth hacking techniques are very important for an effective strategy and operation in today’s online mobility, where single-session, single-purchase transactions must be evaluated outside the main strategy. In order to analyze user behavior correctly, it is indispensable for the data sources to be set up correctly and to follow every necessary process. The pattern of the analyzed behaviors in the medium and long term can become a very valuable tool for both the effective use of the advertising budget and the improvement of the product and service.

For this reason, accurate, accurate, meaningful data should be evaluated at every stage of the process and turned into useful tools with growth hacking methods.

Digital Marketing Agency

If you have a brand and want to allocate a budget for digital marketing, all you have to do is to sign with the best digital marketing agency. As MotionB, we have been providing digital marketing services to more than one hundred customers since 2009. You can find out what you wonder about our agency, services, references, and team by browsing our website.

[Article originally posted on in August 2006.]

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