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EZI Marketing Gold User Review

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EZI Gold Marketing Training Review - Featured Image. Text says: "MArketing Tutor Learn Here from the Badass".EZI Marketing Gold Marketing Training review. “Become a Legendary Marketing Badass!”

Not only training but powered by a revolutionary content creation app (included), plus a domain and website set up for you ready to go.


  • Lots of hand-holding in a supportive like-minded group
  • Strong on branding and use of Google Properties to raise the SEO of online entities
  • Included content creation plugin (WP ContentRanker) creates optimized articles quickly which rank well
  • Business owners, affiliate marketers, and bloggers will all gain from this
  • Builds a long term asset and skillset
  • Removes the number one technical roadblock which defeats most newcomers, which is building a professional optimised website.


  • The main content creation app used (WP ContentRanker) is versatile and productive but needs some persistence in order to master all of its features, however, it is a Marketers Dream and well worth the initial investment
  • All marketers require products to sell, the products provided won’t suit all members and affiliate marketers and bloggers usually find that they need to source their own. … But, Rome was NOT built in a day…
  • Buyers should allow 4 to 6 hours a week for 3 to 6 months to attempt to complete the training … the speed is tailored to suit and since this is a lifetime of training it doesn’t seem so bad to see viable results.

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Why Most Marketers And Self Promoting Business Owners Need this Product

Every marketer, and business owner seeking to promote their services or products, needs to have ready access to at least one, and preferably several ways to create web sites in order to build links and boost their main “money” site(s) into SERP listing prominence.

Nobody ever built a motorway without junctions to feed it with cars. Did anyone ever build a railway terminus that wasn’t connected to a mainline? Did they build a mainline that didn’t have stations, and branch lines, to feed it with passengers? No!

The web offers untold numbers of products which will make you fabulous looking, technically faultless websites – the equivalent of the stations and terminus in our analogy. But even the very best of those can never succeed in bringing them business after building their sites. Why?

  • They don’t have a way to write optimised content easily and quickly which is as good as, or better than, the competition.
  • They have no way to get their products in front of an audience of buyers.  Because they don’t build a feeder network to send them plentiful targeted traffic for free – the branch lines, stations, and mainline. All they build is the main railway terminus. So,  is it any wonder that they fail?

These would-be marketers need a package like EZI Marketing Gold, otherwise, their sites won’t be well-optimised money-making sites with a ton of traffic and will achieve nothing and never sell anything.

This is where EZI Marketing Gold tuition, steps in to provide hands-on experience of the included brand marketing and web article syndication. The training shows how to use the prebuilt syndication service. Which, when coupled with a wide range of other methods covered in the training, will rapidly register, and rank, almost any business.

Content marketing as taught in this training can be a great alternative to advertising, dominated online as it is by Facebook and Google with ever greater competition and rising prices.

This product provides a wide range of website locations and a tool to rapidly build-out and inter-link anything from content-rich websites to a simple branding presence on:

  • Self-hosted domains
  • WordPress hosting
  • Amazon s3
  • GoogleAPIs
  • Google Sites
  • Microsoft Azure

  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • Google My Business (GMB)
  • Plus more promised to be coming soon.

And. all these are set-up to feed SEO juice AND traffic to your money site (built-for-you!).

The most flexible and easiest to adapt are WordPress sites, and newcomers are given one (on a free domain for 1 year), and also taught to build them using the “EZI Gold” proven method, for the best results using WP ContentRanker. In my opinion, as a user of WP ContentRanker the ability of this plugin to apply AI to content creation is so unique that users have an unfair advantage over every other content creation tool available – at any price.

How I Got to Use This Product

I have been working in IM for over 10 years and in that period I have built multiple niche blogs which now receive 10k visitors a month and rising. I really enjoy those blogs, writing for them and seeing them help people solve their problems.

But, I wanted training and a system to accelerate growing my blogs and to improve my monetization. When during a support call with the creator and training guru of EZI Marketing Gold he let-slip that he was starting the EZI Gold network I leapt at the chance and became the first member. That’s how I know so much!

Why All Marketing Consultancies and Marketing Agencies Need This

A typical marketing commission for small to medium-sized businesses involves creating a website for the business or updating an existing website. Once done, the work then progresses to ensure that all existing and newly created content is registered in the search engines, up to date, and in due course of time, that the business has the best possible SERP ranking, and online presence in social media, including on Google Maps and via their Google My Business listing.

EZI Marketing Gold is the first product I have used which seeks to provide the solution to all the above aspects and do that through extensive training. It is unique in my experience, especially in the way it can be used by both the novice marketer and the accomplished pro in equal portions.

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The Man Behind the Product

The product originator David “WhiteGold” Edwards is the experienced marketer and colourful personality who has set himself this goal with a dedicated team of Facebook Group Members and support staff who are very experienced as befits their mature ages. David is a serial entrepreneur who has created a number of high earning businesses already in his career. Despite being capable of dispensing “tough truths” when needed/ not suffering fools gladly, he remains highly approachable, always willing to admit his own perceived failings and empathetic toward anyone willing to listen and learn.

Support is There Should You Need It!

Normal ticketing support is available, but support staff are not “precious” about the odd criticism being aired among the group as a whole. This means that there is a lot of airing of general problems encountered which is readily accessible within-group materials. Support staff often join in within the group and new members will soon get to know them.

Should a member encounter a log-jam, waiting for a ticket to be answered has, in my experience seldom been necessary. Solutions to most commonly encountered problems have usually already been given already. When support may not be around, another member will frequently enter the chat and send you to an answer to your query.

“In fact, I have never before been involved with any group on social media which openly shares successes, and the occasional mess-ups, so readily before. The experts clearly enjoy the work they do and in my opinion, give excellent support.”

Will the Product be Right for You?

Just about anyone, whether you are a business owner wishing to do your own DIY marketing or an aspiring seven-figure income marketer intending to set-up your own marketing agency while travelling the globe’s most sumptuous locations, will find this product is for you. Only, don’t expect success to flow without actually getting your hands dirty (so to speak!) and mucking in with the rest of the group!

The group holds a strong work ethic, and while all are empathetic toward newcomers, David means it when in his intro to every training session and video he restates his “No Excuses” mantra.

Unlike most marketers, he offers none of the usual BS about push-button miracles accomplished in moments. There’s no pussy-footing around the issue of work. There is no trying to pretend that learning proficiency in the many skills needed to be a true marketer doesn’t require work. Creating websites and all the many paraphernalia of product and funnel creation does require a fair amount of work. if you either don’t have at least 4 to 6 hours a week to participate, this product probably isn’t for you.

Probably, the only current major omission from the training is tuition in paid-advertising. That’s because, in general, David and his current group members actively seek to avoid all forms of external paid advertising. They preferring to use the most crucial tool of those provided, which is “WP ContentRanker” to aid with content marketing, combined with syndication and SEO skills to generate evergreen buyer traffic. So, if paid advertising is your preference this product is probably currently not for you.

What is “content syndication” in internet marketing “speak”? Content syndication is when web-based content is re-published by a third-party website. Any kind of digital content can be syndicated, including blog posts, articles, infographics, videos and more. Think of it as a kind of barter arrangement. The third-party website/ other sites within the group which are “syndicated” get free, relevant content. The content creator gets free exposure and publicity, and backlinks to their own website, which in turn boosts their organic traffic. The more members that join, the more websites that are added to the syndicate. It really is “the more the merrier” – a community which will succeed by cooperation and working together.
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EZI Gold Marketing Review Section Image.

Product Features and Benefits


The product features: “Proprietary Tools That Practically Bend Time As YOU 20x, 30x or even 50x Your Marketing RESULTS at Warp Speed” namely:

  • Web hosting for one year with Security Certification (SSL) and on the Cloud
  • 1 WordPress website installed with all the premium bonus plugins (worth $297) licensed and set-up, ready for you to add content
  • One free domain registration for 1 year
  • Unrestricted use of the WP ContentRanker plugin
  • Member access to post 1 high-quality pre-optimised WP ContentRanker Article to the EZI-Gold network every 48 hours containing 1 anchor text (follow) backlink per article posted
  • Your posted article (with your backlink) syndicated to the EZI Gold Network of 70 plus websites and other properties including the main social media
  • Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Marketing Management Tuition
  • Social Media Marketing Tuition
  • Google Stacking Software Tuition using your free Google Drive available through your Gmail account
  • Google My Business Integration Tuition
  • Informal “Lounge Pants Sessions”: Zoom sessions in which participants are un-muted and ask questions during the training
  • Access to all past and future published training
  • Access to Facebook Private Group
  • Access to Discord Group


  • Crank Out Sites Quickly (As Many As You Want)
  • Rank Them— The Smart Way (Use Our Secret Sauce)
  • Spank The Hell Out of Your Competition (Send Them Crying Home to Mommy!)
  • Easily Run 20 businesses and 10 networks while you LIVE a fulfilling life. Never again be chained to a computer, This is laser-focused AI and Algo Productivity Growth Hacking.
  • Not Only That … but write 3, 5, or 10 blog posts and publish all the videos you want without breaking a sweat (only if you feel like it)

How the Product Works and How You Can Make the Most of it

A set of initial affiliate products is provided, all set up for you on joining and located within the initial WordPress website with your free first year’s hosting and domain. These products are affiliate products to which each member holds an affiliate link, and are the same for all members. Most will want to replace them quite soon to chime with their skills and market niches but they are a start.

Most members seek out their own PLR products initially and progress at first by using the sales funnels provided within PLR packages. PLR packages are generally available and they will need to find and source those themselves.

Training currently focuses on general marketing skills and pulling in the traffic without which a marketer won’t be able to sell a single product in any event.  Thus, those joining should not expect to be handed a high-performing set of marketing materials or a proven funnel with upsells and down-sells, emails for list building, etc. To be honest, those will not be of any use at all until the syndication network and a host of other link-builders brings with it the visitors and leads every marketer needs. Traffic to enable new marketers to cut their teeth in the skills of conversion.

Finally, all members are expected to join in this white-hat endeavour by opening their syndicated websites created within the group to the fullest gaze of Google and all site visitors. Members are proud to comply with the requirements of GDPR within the EU and similar privacy rights legislation as it is popping up around the world. If displaying your street address, email address, and telephone number online would be a problem for you, you may prefer not to join.

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EZI Gold Marketing Review Section Image.

Case Studies – Coming Soon

Use cases of the product with optional examples of people using it.

(Any case studies, stories or examples of you or people who’ve used the product.)

What Alternatives are There?

Currently, we don’t know of any close alternatives:

There are press Release Syndication services, and while they were powerful 10 years or so back, they hold very little long term benefit as Google treats them as News, and devalues the pages within months. Two examples of very good ones are:

  • PressCable Press Releases at $159 per PR article post
  • Ampifire at $349 Done For You Amp Campaign – which was closed when we looked.

The above products do appear to post your article/ Press Release to a larger number of syndicated sites, but without the training included in EZI Marketing Gold users would need to shell out that sum each and every time they wished to register and rank their client output.

Is EZI Marketing Gold Value for Money?

Yes. When compared with the above two (which I think are the closest competitors) it is remarkably good value for money. (Note: Only 100 places are available.)

Products Which Work Well with EZI Marketing Gold

Social Pilot is the recommended social media management tool used within the training but it is an optional purchase and there are many other apps which perform similar functions which can be used.

Staxio is an advanced Google Properties Marketing Stacking Script. If you, like me, heard that and your mind went blank let me explain that the function of “Staxio” is to:

  • Automatically Create Google Sites
  • Build Unlimited Cloud BackLinks
  • Create and Stack Authority from Google
  • Dominate Local Searches and Niches

How to Overcome the “Cons”?

At the start of this review, I said there were 3 “cons” which I found when using EZI Marketing Gold

1. The main plugin (WP ContentRanker) and the training in general needs some persistence in order to learn how to use it:

I’m afraid there’s not a lot can be done about that. But, hey! When did you ever learn a valuable skill that didn’t require a bit of effort to start with?

2. The products provided won’t suit all members and affiliate marketers and bloggers usually find that they need to source their own

I decided to solve that one for the first 20 people who sign up through the link provided on this page – Scroll down and look at my Bonus!

3. Buyers should allow 4 to 6 hours a week for 3 to 6 months to complete the training

The speed is tailored to suit and since this is a lifetime of training it doesn’t seem so bad to see viable results.

The Competing Options

If you want a “get rich quick” solution. Maybe you should consider one of the alternatives as suggested above and risk spending your money time again, on something you could have been doing yourself.

That’s fine if you have the cash to burn, but I’d rather learn this skill.

What other skill can you name while coronavirus rages around us, is actually in more demand than ever, and the worse coronavirus gets the more desperate businesses are becoming for marketing services – just to rank, win leads, and let their companies survive!

             Learn More About EZI Marketing Gold             

FAQs About the Product

Q1: Can we Post About Any Subject and Product?

Yes. As long as it’s legal and not porn.

Q2: Will This Work in Any Other Languages?

All training is in English, and the recommended apps are in English. For those who can understand English to learn, then the use of other languages within articles and social distributions is normally permitted. However, we do recommend that you contact the seller to check on this before buying.

Q3: Will this Work on My Apple Desktop Computer, iPad and Phone?

Yes, but you will need a full-screen resolution laptop or a desktop device to accomplish some aspects of the training.

Q3: Will this Work with Android Devices

It should be possible to apply the Android operating system, but as in Q3 above, the device will need a full resolution screen for some tasks. We do recommend that you contact the seller to check on this before buying.

             Learn More About EZI Marketing Gold             

EZI Gold Marketing Review Section Image.

My Bonuses When You Buy Through My Link

You’ll get all the following bonuses in addition to the Badass Marketing Training!

My bonuses are amazing because they will help you set up your products by removing every possible technical log-jam a newbie might encounter when setting up a money-making product on your pre-built website. This solves what I believe is the only “possibly missing” component of this product!

Bonus 1Complete PLR Ebook to Sell

Instagram Reels Video eBook Bonus

Bonus 2

Bonus 3

Bonus 4

Bonus Delivery: Email support@ippts.com to ask for your Instagram Reels bonus, after your purchase of the EZI Gold Badass Marketer Training.

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